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Reasons to buy yourself a pair of Charlie Butlers:

  • Unisex - men's and women's sizes available.
  • Super comfortable and versatile.
  • Durable stitched and cemented construction.
  • Handmade from top to bottom - each pair taking 4 hours to hand-produce.
  • Soft and flexible cruelty-free material that moulds to your feet. Waterproof, antifungal and antibacterial.
  • 100% vegan - no leather, suede, fur, wool, silk or other animal products used.
  • Custom made for your feet, meaning you'll receive the perfect size pair of Charlie Butler shoes. 
  • Wide shoe sizes available.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not completely happy, we'll offer a free replacement or a full refund.
  • Free world-wide shipping.

Delivery & Sizing information below.

We are Charlie Butler. We’ve created a good looking, handmade and cruelty-free shoe that you can wear to any occasion. Every Charlie Butler shoe is designed by us and is handmade specifically for your feet, for extreme comfort. Read on to see why everyone is enthusiastic about their Charlie Butlers.

At Charlie Butler we create beautiful products that join and improve your journey. Our products are sculpted by skilled craftspeople who have spent their entire lives bringing together elements in a beautiful dance - a amalgamation that creates function. 

Meet David. He is a 32 year-old film-maker with a passion for hiking, photography and meditation. He likes the feeling of wearing handmade products and received his first pair of Charlie Butlers over a year ago. He now owns a second pair.

When you purchase a pair of Charlie Butlers you are buying our craftspeople’s love and service as much as you are our goods. David feels special knowing that his shoes were handmade by a man or woman - a friend who cared about him as the customer.

David realises that he also spends time perfecting his skills so that his audience enjoy his films. It’s a beautiful synergy. When we engage in a craft we are serving our fellow human beings and making another’s life easier and happier.

Almost no electricity is used in the process of making a pair of Charlie Butlers. David likes it that way - he’s old fashioned. “Handmade products are timeless,” he says.

Simple tools used to handcraft Charlie Butler shoes:

The human hand can't create the exact same thing twice. Small inflections and intonations in the way the materials are brought together make each shoe unique.

Each pair of Charlie Butlers takes four hours to hand produce. Charlie Butlers are cut by hand, stitched by hand, and even every individual hole is punched, you guessed it, by hand.

Just like David, we like things that are handmade. By making handmade shoes not only available but also affordable, we are keeping the culture alive and keeping awesome craftspeople and customers happy.

The process:

Firstly, the pattern for your shoe is drawn on our material. It is then cut using a regular pair of scissors, and each hole is punched by hand using a pen and a hammer.

The individual pieces are beaten together and stitched using a basic sewing machine, which is the first of only two machines used in the entire process.

The correct shoe last - the special cast that gives shape and size to the shoe - is then chosen based on your foot measurements.

The upper is then wrapped and nailed tight around the shoe last, and left aside to take shape.

Meanwhile, the soles are cut and moulded by hand. The upper is then hand stitched to the sole and cemented under heat and pressure to ensure a watertight fit. During this phase we use the second and final machine of the crafting process.

A craftsman hand stitches comfortable soles unto a Charlie Butler upper:

From there the insole is cut and decorated. The logo is pressed onto the insole material and it is placed inside the shoe.

The shoes are then brushed off to remove debris from the crafting process. The upper is oiled and shoe laces are put on.

The shoes are then put inside our roomy recycled cardboard box along with a drawstring carry bag, an extra set of shoelaces and a handwritten thank you note for you, our customer.

Your Charlie Butlers are now ready to be shipped.

★★★★★ "The workmanship & quality is simply outstanding. Can't wait to wear them out soon!"

When David makes films, he works irregular days and long hours. Some days he works for 16 hours, and other days he’s free to relax or play. 

“I like not having to think about which shoe I have to wear on any given day. I know that my Charlie Butlers are sitting by the door, ready to take on the day. I also like that they’re very light,” comments David.

Simplicity is at the core of Charlie Butler’s design philosophy. In order to create a shoe that delivers performance, aesthetic appeal and comfort, we needed to remove all bells and whistles and get to the point: function!

Most shoes today are overly complicated and have too many layers and features. We wanted to start from scratch. We've removed a lot of unnecessary features to arrive at the core of our design. The result is a lighter, more comfortable and super functional shoe.

Black Selfridge boots, 360 degree view:

When designing our products, we rely on common sense; all you really need to do is make the product, test it and improve it. Rinse and repeat the process ten times and you have the winning formula - it’s called design by iteration.

Things used to be well thought out and built to and last a lifetime. But we've lost that now. In fact everything is made to break after a certain period so that you have to purchase again and again. We chose to go against this trend and build products that are simple, and just work. And last a bloody long time.

Unlike most shoes stocked in retail stores, our models aren't designed with the aim of staying on the shelves for a just few months. Each model made by Charlie Butler is worked on until it’s perfect and then we keep it on our catalogue for good.

Our design process is slow. Contrary to fast fashion, we create products that stand the test of time!

Brown Gentry boots, close-up view:

Have a question? Send us an email on [email protected]

We noticed that shoes with a bit of extra wiggle room around the toes were more comfortable. We took a shoe shape that we had already tested and loved and added a tinge of extra width to the toe area. The heel was kept narrow for stability and comfort. The result is a firm footed yet incredibly comfortable shoe shape.

Charlie Butlers come in three different widths, so no matter how your feet are shaped, we will have you covered. Note: if you have unusually large or small feet please contact us and we'll look into it for you. 

Our super comfortable shoe last:

Our upper material is awesome. It’s thin and soft, yet strong and durable. It stretches to mould around your feet just like leather, and ages beautifully with each wear just like denim.

Our comfortable outsoles were designed with the help of Chiropractic doctor, Rayan Saberi. They are lightweight and flexible. As a result, Charlie Butlers look formal, but feel like sneakers.

Charlie Butler soles are lightweight and super comfortable to stand on:

That's our design mantra. Bring good quality parts together, keep things simple and you have the winning formula.

“It is a comfortable classic shoe I can wear in a wide range of situations,” says David.

Here's what other customers had to say:

"They fit perfectly."  

"They are super comfy and I can't wait to break them in.”

Meet Efe. She's an animal lover and enjoys hanging out with friends in her spare time. “I don't want to see animal hurt for the fashion I wear,” comments Efe.

We wanted to create a great shoe from the outset, with vegan materials. We wanted to break the stigma that leather shoes are better than non-leather shoes. Instead of using leather we designed and developed our own material over six months of testing and development.  

We are proud to say that Charlie Butlers contain no leather, suede, fur, wool, silk or any other animal product.  

“I love the vegan leather used on my Charlie Butlers. It’s super soft and comfortable” says Efe.

We love our material too. It's the perfect material for a strong and versatile shoe. Here are some of its features:

  • It’s soft, flexible and comfortable.
  • It expands to mould around your feet, just like leather. This allows for a unique and personal fit.
  • Just like denim, it ages beautifully with each wear expressing a character unique to you.
  • It’s waterproof - the material does not get wet.
  • It’s dirt and stain resistant, which means you can wear it for months, give it a clean and it'll look like new.
  • It’s bacteria and fungus resistant. As a result, Charlie Butlers don't get smelly.

At Charlie Butler we make cruelty-free shoes widely available and easy to purchase, for vegans and non-vegans alike.

“I love that I can finally buy a pair of comfy shoes that are cruelty-free” says Efe.

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We produce our shoes in batches. For a limited time we open up our store and gather orders from our beloved customers from around the globe.

Once time runs out, we close the batch and move the order onto our craftsmen for hand-production.

Our February batch is now open. Purchase before the 14th of March to ensure your spot in the batch.

This batch will be hand-made and shipped by the end of April, 2017.

Shipping is express with tracking and costs $0 to 228 countries.

If you are unsure about delivery to your destination, or have any other questions, please contact us.

Charlie Butlers are worn by men and women alike and look awesome on both sexes. 

Worn by men Charlie Butlers look masculine and confident. At some stage we realised the shoes also look really cool on our female friends. Worn by women they look hip and edgy.


We’ve ordered shoes online before and it can be terrible process. So we made it easy.  

Our shoes are made to fit you.

Once you order we will send you a survey and collect you sizing information. We will do the hard work and choose the perfect size for you. You can relax and wait for the perfect size shoes to arrive to your door. 

We offer shoe sizes ranging from very small to very large. And options for normal, thin and wide feet. So purchase knowing that we have your size available.

If your feet are very special (extra small, large, wide or narrow) please contact us before ordering.

Have a question? Check out our FAQ page, or contact us.

When you purchase a pair of Charlie Butlers you will receive the following:

  • A cool recycled shoebox with a crossword puzzle and information about your purchase. 
  • A handwritten thank you note with signatures from the founders of Charlie Butler.
  • A drawstring carry bag.
  • An extra pair of shoelaces.

Have a look at our unboxing video with Nathan: